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Modern Apartment Block

We understand the numerous factors that can impact the valuation of your property. From state regulations like rent control, to soft story retrofit requirements and ADU potential, we are constantly updating our own personal knowledge of local and state-wide laws and regulations to better serve our clients. Whether it be proposed construction, condo's, or a 100+ year old building in a stabilized neighborhood, we have you covered.


Office Building

The Bay Area is host to some of the most well-known and groundbreaking companies in the world. With this rapidly changing landscape and diverse office space needs, we are constantly updating our knowledge to determine the best ways to solve appraisal problems. We have been involved in thousands of office building appraisals over the last 30+ years and can solve most appraisal problems.


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Retail buildings have been a major focus in Bay Area real estate as the tech sector and housing markets expand or contract. Whether it be a large shopping center or a free standing retail building, we have been involved with a variety of property types over the years. Whether you are an owner, tenant, or lender, we have the knowledge and experience to provide quality reports to meet your retail needs. With technology rapidly advancing in this arena, we are committed to staying current with consumer trends and economic indicators.


Flex/R&D buildings are some of the most sought after for owner/users or investors due to the variety of uses that can be presented. Our valuation knowledge in this space is constantly changing with consumer needs. We provide our clients with detailed and quality reports that are specific to the subject property. Our appraisers are committed to an analysis that is specific to your property and your appraisal needs. 


Empty Factory

We have appraised a variety of industrial/warehouse buildings including: distribution buildings, truck terminals, general warehouse uses, manufacturing buildings, bio-tech and high end manufacturing, storage facilities, storage yards, and more. Whether your leases are NNN or I.G. or anything in between, we have analyzed thousands of leases and understand the language that comes with each type. Tax reassessment based on a sale, lease extensions with option periods, or actively marketing a vacant unit are some of the areas that our knowledge extends through.


Land & site valuation is a complex area for investors as well as appraisers, as there are many restrictive factors in the Bay Area for land development. Zoning limitations, high costs of vacant land, limited access to raw land due to topography or high density areas, and existing construction with demolition costs are some of the numerous items that can be challenging for new development. With a steadily growing population, new construction is needed to offset the high costs of living in a stabilized region like the Bay Area.


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